Quality, affordable sportswear
We stand for personal and realiable 
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Quality, affordable sportswear 

We stand for personal and relaible           

Shipping within 24 hours

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Fitgirlssquat is more than just a name, it's a lifestyle. We want to inspire and motivate you while you strive to your personal goals. Fitgirlssquat is intended for modern, confident women who choose good quality clothing at an affordable price and for ladies who want to look fashionable at the gym and beyond.

We want you to feel feminine, beautiful, sexy in our clothes and not unimportant entirely comfortable. The SUPPLEX fabric is stretchable, that's why our sport leggings, sports tops and catsuits are one-size-fits-most models. When you attract these clothes, it becomes one with your body. It has a perfect fit, ensuring that your body comes out beautiful.

Share our lifestyle and inspire others through social media but also in real life.


"Forget skinny, I'm training to Become a fit badass!"


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